The Brooklyn-born, Tidewater Virginia-raised artist J. “JAEWAR” King leveraged his Jamaican and Haitian ancestry, flawless wordplay and Virginia Tech engineering degree to create the lane for his music, band and production style. The 1st generation American whose full name means "peace loving-lion-king" shares his love for music, fashion, and futbol with his international audience. 

His father's Fisher Audio sound system constantly pumped old school reggae classics that influenced JAEWAR. At 14, his dad gave him the Fugees's "The Score", and JAEWAR fell in love with hip-hop. Aspiring to be the “Bob Marley of Hip-Hop”, JAEWAR connected with the artists to form VIBE RIOT. The resultant sound is reminiscent of Bob Marley, The Roots, JAY-Z & The Roots and Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley.


Normally billed as JAEWAR & VIBE RIOT, the East Coast indie group fuses reggae bass, jazz blues guitar, distorted keys & horns, and 808s & Afro-Cuban percussion. Include the powerful vocals of JAEWAR, Ev33, Xe Jah’Twi and Nina Mallia, and you get VIBE RIOT.